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Internet of Thing 's
never been easier

You want to make a Sensor collecting data from enviroment (temperature, soil mosture..) and display in your phone, control your Infrared air conditioning from internet or turn on a Light when away home. Let 's BUILD one and power them with our Quick IOTs App,  make IOT devices with ONE Click.
You don't know how to start, which devices, sensors, how to combine? Don't worry, just download Quick IOTs and we will help you step by step
to make your first IOT device

Made for everyone

Anyone could use Quick IoTs: students; hobbyists for Smarthome or making automatic garden; Web and app Developers, IoTs Start-up wants to focus on user experience (App with UI) rather fighting against hundred devices in market

MQTT server

The heart of connection is MQTT protocol (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport), a standard of "Internet of Things": data sent and received from devices through a MQTT server. If you are new, Quick IOTs will guide you to setup your first MQTT server or just use our pre-built server

Step by Step guide

You will be guided step by step to make IOT device: what device you need and what you must do. Just follows our guide & Click to go!

Open source

With the beautiful of open source, everything from Quick IOTs ready for you to move on.
Code based on Open MQTT Gateway, ElectronArduino IDE and many NodeJS package


Device support

- NodeMCU ESP8266
- NodeMCU ESP32
- Arduino MEGA
- Arduino UNO

Sensor support

- HT11/21/22: Temperature and Humidity
- HCSR501: Motion detect
- INA226: Current/voltage
- ADC: Analog/Moisture
- BH1750: Light
- TSL2561: Luminosity
- BME280: Weather

Gateway support

- Infrared: Send, receive
- RF433, RF315, RF2, Pilight: Radio frequency
- LORA: Long range
- Bluetooth: Send, receive

Quick guide


Choose Device

* Download and Run Quick IOTs App
* Choose device. If you don't have one, Quick IOTs give handy info about devices, price and where to get
* Setting network connection for device


Seting up module 

* Choose modules (sensors, gateway..) 
* If you are new, Quick IOTs give handy info about modules, price and where to get
* Plug modules to device (PIN connect) as guide on App, simple as plug HDD or RAM to your PC


Seting up MQTT server

* Data sent and received from devices through a MQTT (Message Queuing Telemetry Transport) server. In short, MQTT like a big chatroom, each IOT devices will send and receive message in a sub chatroom. Without this server, your device connects to nowhere
* If you are new, Quick IOTs will guide you to setup your first MQTT server



Build and deploy firmware to devices with ONE click. Turn on *Built-in* Serial Monitor and MQTT server log to watch logging data sent and received from device.
Using your remote (IR, RF...) to test the working of device


Making App for User

Your device has worked. It is time to make app for user to display data from sensor, send command to your device to turn on TV (IR) or turn off Light (RF). Based on Node-RED, we have Prebuilt Project to make a beautiful App for User in TWO click (Copy and Paste)


Create your story

Everything of Quick IOTs is opensource. You could download source code, modify to make an enterprise app for your IOT Start-up or contribute by adding more module template



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